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The full sonic ritual project is an extended sonically recorded ceremony and inner journey experience for the client (artist/group) facilitated by The Sonic Ritual Triad (Xenophon, Ami Kim and Jacob “Intricate  Sound” Quetant).


The ceremony is held in a private space conducive for an extended energy field experience  (of 12-18 hours) procured by the client where the client is led into sonic ritual ceremony by Mediumistic Shamanistic Songstress Xenophon. Xenophon prepares the space with any invited participants/loved ones of the client to enter into the space with full receptivity and creates an energetic vortex so that the client has a safe, expressive, and limitless space for contacting their highest avatar selves.


Prior to the ceremony, Sonic alchemist Ami Kim pre-aligns vibrational tools (instruments, herbs, crystals, recording equipment and spatial adornments) to channel the healing and inner journey intentions of the client during the ceremony. Kim also facilitates the organization of all recorded vibrations and creates sonic light beds for the client and participants to soak into during the extended sonic ritual experience.


After the recorded ceremony is completed, Jacob “Intricate Sound” Quetant does a frequency alignment ceremony over the whole recorded project and delivers an aligned, sharable sonic talisman of healing to the client for private or public dissemination.

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Ami Kim

Sonic Alchemist

Ami Kim (formerly known as jocElyn ellis) is an award-winning vocalist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and music producer based in Los Angeles.


Also known as a sonic alchemist, Kim has studied various forms of ancient Kemetic practices & numerous vibrational schools of thought to utilize these teachings in ceremonial practices - to harmonize beings and spaces occupied to the highest level of consciousness possible.

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Siana-äiti Moirae

Mediumistic Shamanistic Songstress

Xenophon is a Mediumistic Shamanistic Songstress who blends Ancient chants and modern music to create a sound that uplifts the spirit and inspires the soul.  Her recent inner journey experience “Black Sun” opened in Los Angeles in March 2019 to a sold-out crowd with follow-up experiences being elevated on museum, theatre and sacred shaman platforms.  


She is also an initiated Iyanifa and Olorisha/Oshun Priestess and with her company I BE I AM (www.ibeiam.com) Siana facilitates Emotional Intelligence Workshops and programs that help get to the core of each individual's challenges.


Jacob “Intricate Sound” Quetant

Master Vibe Mixer

  Jacob “Intricate Sound” Quetant  is a professional Audio Engineer, Record Producer, Creative Entrepreneur, and wisdom vessel. Since 2013, he has contributed to music in film, television and radio alongside artists spanning from indie level to major label legends.


Notable work includes session with and/or mixing for Yogee Deron, Xenophon & Ami Kim, Joelle James, Chaka Khan, Kehlani, Terrace Martin, Big Sean, Andre Harris, Brandy, Rick Ross, House of Lies (Showtime) The Quad (BET), and more.

Sonic Ritual
12 hr